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フローズンベリー (ミックスベリー)
Frozen_berries (Mixed berries)
Frozen berries are a mixture of various berries packed together in a bag and frozen. They can be used as a garnish, pureed in a blender, or used as a substitute for ice when still frozen.
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  • IngredientAmount
    Cocalero(Clasico)30 ml
    Tomato juice30 ml
    Non-alcoholic beer30 ml
    Frozen mix berryto taste(1/3cup)
    Mint leaf1 stem
    GlassCocktail glass
    AlcoholAbout 8 %
    FlavorMedium sweet and dry
    Step 1Put the frozen berries in a glass, pour in the Cocalero, and lightly crush the frozen berries.
    Step 2Pour tomato juice and non-alcoholic beer into a glass and stir gently.
    Step 3Finally, garnish the glass with mint leaves.
    Very vivid looking. Tastes mildly sweet. The frozen mixed berries used in place of ice are crushed and mingled with tomato juice to create this seemingly grotesque zombie cocktail. This recipe was created in collaboration with Resident Evil and Cocalero to celebrate the release of "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness".
    Mar 3, 2024
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