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Sprinkles cocktail recipes

Small confections that add color and texture. They are sprinkled on ice cream, doughnuts, cakes, etc. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, they add a splash of color when sprinkled on cocktails.
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  • IngredientAmount
    Grenadine syrup15 ml
    Mint liqueur(Green)15 ml
    Baileys(Irish cream Liqueur)15 ml
    Whipped cream(* Float)to taste
    Sprinkles(* Finally sprinkle)to taste
    Build (Pousse-Cafe style)
    GlassShot glass
    AlcoholNormal(9% to 24%)
    ColorMultiple colors
    Step 1Pour grenadine syrup into a shot glass.
    Step 2With the back of a bar spoon in the glass, pour the mint liqueur (green) in a layer over the grenadine syrup.
    Step 3With the back of a bar spoon in the glass, pour the baileys in a layer over the mint liqueur (green).
    Step 4Pour the whipped cream.
    Step 5Sprinkle sprinkles from above.
    A festive cocktail that looks like a Christmas tree. Sweet and creamy with the freshness of mint and a hint of sourness.
    Dec 16, 2023
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