Italian Stallion[#2]

Frangelico[Hazelnut liqueur]15 ml
Amaretto(※ Disaronno Amaretto), etc.15 ml
White curacao(※ Cointreau, BOLS TRIPLE SEC), etc.30 ml
Put ingredients and ice into a mixing glass, stir quickly with a bar spoon, then pour into the glass.
GlassShot glass
AlcoholAbout 27 %
ColorBrown (Amber)
T.P.ODigestif(After dinner cocktail)
Photo: Italian Stallion ©okyawa
Hazelnut and amaretto and the unique sweetness of each combine with the citrus sweetness of white curacao to create an alcoholic yet complex sweet cocktail.
Oct 29, 2023

About Italian Stallion Ingredients

ヘーゼルナッツリキュール (フランジェリコ)
Hazelnut liqueur (Frangelico)
A nutty liqueur with hazelnuts as its main ingredient. Mellow aroma and deep taste of hazelnuts. Very good with dairy products. Also used in pastry making.
A liqueur made from the kernels of apricot seeds, called "apricot kernels". It has an almond-like aroma.
White Curacao
A type of curacao made by adding orange zest and sugar to spirits or brandy. It is not aged in oak barrels and is clear and colorless. It has a clean and refreshing orange flavor.

About the supplies for making Italian Stallion

Shot glass
A small glass for drinking strong alcohol straight.
Mixing strainer
A filter that fits over the rim of a mixing glass to prevent ice, fruit seeds, etc. from entering the glass when pouring into a glass after steering.
Bar spoon
A spoon used to stir ingredients in a glass. It has a long handle and a spiral shape in the center of the handle to facilitate stirring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.

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