Pink Gin

Dry Gin60 ml
Angostura aromatic bitters2 dash
Put ingredients and ice into a mixing glass, stir quickly with a bar spoon, then pour into the glass.
GlassCocktail glass
AlcoholAbout 34 %
T.P.OAperitif(Pre dinner cocktail)
Photo: Pink Gin ©okyawa
The name comes from the small amount of Angostura bitters that gives the gin its pink color. This cocktail originated as an aperitif for British naval officers in the old days. It has a sharp and deep taste with a strong bitter flavor of bitters. The same ingredients can be used in a build to make a "Gin and Bitters". If you substitute orange bitters for bitters, you get "Yellow Gin".
Feb 17, 2024

About Pink Gin Ingredients

It is a distilled spirit made by adding juniper berries and other aromatic herbs called botanicals, and is one of the four major spirits in the world.
Aromatic bitters
Bitter liqueur made primarily from the bark of the angostura (tangerine tree). When we simply call it Angostura bitters, we are referring to it. Just a few drops can add depth to the flavor.

About the supplies for making Pink Gin

Cocktail glass
A glass specially designed for cocktails, the typical glass is an inverted triangle.
Mixing strainer
A filter that fits over the rim of a mixing glass to prevent ice, fruit seeds, etc. from entering the glass when pouring into a glass after steering.
Bar spoon
A spoon used to stir ingredients in a glass. It has a long handle and a spiral shape in the center of the handle to facilitate stirring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.

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