Cocabomb[Energy Drink]

Cocalero(Clasico)[Coca liqueur](* Keep cool in the freezer.)30 ml
Energy drink(* Red Bull is often used. Keep well chilled.)(※ Red Bull, Monster Energy), etc.40 ml
Cut lime(* Finally, Squeeze)1 cut
Build (Pousse-Cafe style)
GlassBomb glass
AlcoholAbout 12.4 %
ColorMultiple colors
FlavorMedium sweet
Photo: Cocabomb ©okyawa
Step 1Keep the cocarello chilled in the freezer and the energy drink chilled in the refrigerator.
Step 2Pour chilled energy drink into the bottom of the bomb glass.
Step 3Pour the chilled cocarello into the top of the bomb glass, making sure not to mix it, so that there are two layers, top and bottom.
Step 4Squeeze cut lime from above.
Cocarero and energy drinkDrinking it down in one gulp, just like a shot so that they do not mix, the refreshing flavor of the carbonated energy drink flows after the unique aroma of Cocarero, and the herbal aroma and sweetness of the drink are refreshing. It separates into two colors without mixing in the bomb glass, giving it a stylish appearance. The bomb glass holds 40 ml in the bottom and 30 ml in the top. Red Bull is often used as a splitting ingredient for Coca Bomb.
Sep 10, 2023

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