Horses Neck

Brandy(* Other spirits such as rum, gin, whiskey, etc. can be used.)45 ml
Ginger aleFull up (90ml)
Lemon peel(* Sprinkle the spiral peel of a lemon over the edge of the glass and inside the glass.)horse's neck style
GlassCollins glass
Icewith Ice
AlcoholAbout 12 %
ColorBrown (Amber)
FlavorMedium sweet
TypeLong drink
T.P.OAll day cocktail
Photo: Horses Neck ©okyawa
Step 1Place the spiral peeled lemon peel in a glass and hang the end over the rim of the glass.
Step 2Fill the glass with ice.
Step 3Pour the brandy into the glass and stir by lifting the ice with a barspoon.
Step 4Pour and fill the glass with ginger ale and gently stir by lifting the ice with a bar spoon.
The spiral-cut lemon resembles a horse's neck. A long cocktail with a refreshing aroma of brandy and a hint of sweetness. It goes very well with brandy and ginger ale.
Sep 30, 2023

About Horses Neck Ingredients

A distilled spirit made from grapes and other fruits. It has a sweet, mellow aroma and a mild, elegant taste.
Ginger ale
Carbonated beverage with ginger. It has a pungent taste characteristic of ginger. Dry is spicy with little sweetness and a strong ginger flavor. Dry ginger ale, made from dried ginger, is sweet.
Rich in vitamins. It has many uses, such as sliced and floated, cut and decorated around the edges, and using the peel.

About the supplies for making Horses Neck

Collins glass
This glass is characterized by its cylindrical shape, long and narrow, and the small diameter of the mouthpiece, which retains carbonation.
Bar spoon
A spoon used to stir ingredients in a glass. It has a long handle and a spiral shape in the center of the handle to facilitate stirring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.

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