Mexican Flag[#2]

Grenadine syrup10 ml
Mint liqueur(Green)[Mint liqueur](※ GET 27, BOLS Peppermint Green), etc.10 ml
Baileys(Irish cream Liqueur)[Cream liqueur]10 ml
Build (Pousse-Cafe style)
GlassLiqueur glass
AlcoholAbout 11 %
ColorMultiple colors
Photo: Mexican Flag ©okyawa
Step 1Pour grenadine syrup into a liqueur glass.
Step 2With the back of a bar spoon in the glass, pour the mint liqueur (green) in a layer over the grenadine syrup.
Step 3With the back of a bar spoon in the glass, pour the baileys (irish cream liqueur) in a layer over the mint liqueur (green).
The three layers of color are like the flag of Mexico. With a sweet taste, the refreshing mint and the sweetness of Baileys spread throughout the mouth.
Oct 24, 2021

About Mexican Flag Ingredients

Grenadine syrup
Syrup made from pomegranate juice and sugar. It has a bright red color and its sweet and sour taste accents cocktails.
Green mint liqueur
A green-colored version of mint liqueur. It has a clean taste and a unique cool sensation. This liqueur is recommended when you want to make the most of the mint color.
クリームリキュール (ベイリーズ)
Cream liqueur (Baileys)
Many of them are heavy and sweet, and are tasty even when drunk on their own. It is a relatively new liqueur that has come into production with the development of technology, and is also suitable for after-dinner drinks.

About the supplies for making Mexican Flag

Liqueur glass
A small, relatively narrow-mouthed glass for drinking liqueurs straight.
Bar spoon
A spoon used to stir ingredients in a glass. It has a long handle and a spiral shape in the center of the handle to facilitate stirring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.

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