Million Dollar

Dry Gin45 ml
Sweet vermouth(※ CINZANO Vermouth Rosso, MARTINI Vermouth Rosso), etc.15 ml
Pineapple juice15 ml
Grenadine syrup1 tsp.
Egg white1 piece
Cut pineapple1 cut
Pour ice and ingredients into a shaker and shake.
GlassCocktail glass
AlcoholAbout 18 %
FlavorMedium sweet
T.P.OAll day cocktail
Photo: Million Dollar ©okyawa
Invented by Englishman Louis Eppinger at the Yokohama Grand Hotel in 1894 during the Meiji Era (1868-1912), this cocktail became world-famous. The egg white foam makes it very smooth and creamy on the palate. It is fruity and has a nice sweetness. At the time, Old Tom gin was used, but in recent years dry gin has been used. It is one of the four major cocktails of Yokohama, said to have originated in Yokohama: the Million Dollar, the Yokohama, the Bamboo, and the Cherry Blossom.
Oct 21, 2023

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