Kulah Shaker

Coffee liqueur(※ KAHLUA), etc.40 ml
Banana liqueur30 ml
White curacao(※ Cointreau, BOLS TRIPLE SEC), etc.30 ml
Fresh cream1 dash
Grenadine syrup1 dash
Pour ice and ingredients into a shaker and shake.
GlassCocktail glass
AlcoholAbout 24 %
ColorDark brown
FlavorSuper sweet
T.P.ODigestif(After dinner cocktail)
Photo: Kulah Shaker ©okyawa
The name comes from the name of a rock band from London, England. All sweet ingredients. The sweetness of each ingredient is combined to create a coffee liqueur-based dessert cocktail with a super sweet taste. Created by James Langan of Ireland, it won first prize in the 2001 Japan Cup in the taste category.
Oct 8, 2023

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