Scarlett O'hara

Southern Comfort30 ml
Cranberry juice20 ml
Lemon juice10 ml
Pour ice and ingredients into a shaker and shake.
GlassCocktail glass
AlcoholAbout 15 %
FlavorMedium sweet
T.P.OAll day cocktail
Photo: Scarlett O'hara ©okyawa
This cocktail is inspired by Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine of the American movie "Gone with the Wind". This cocktail is slightly sweet, but has a refreshing fruit acidity.
Aug 15, 2020

About Scarlett O'hara Ingredients

Southern Comfort
It is made by adding fruits, spices and herbs to distilled spirits. The flavors of peach, lemon, and other fruits can be fully appreciated, and the flavors change depending on the way it is mixed. Its nickname is SoCo.
Cranberry juice
The cranberry is a vine-like fruit tree native to North America.Because of their high acidity, sugar is added to their juice.
Lemon juice
Lemon juice goes well with many types of cocktails.

About the supplies for making Scarlett O'hara

Cocktail glass
A glass specially designed for cocktails, the typical glass is an inverted triangle.
Shaking with ice allows for rapid cooling. Effective for stirring materials that are difficult to mix or have a difference in specific gravity. Mellow out high alcohol content materials by mixing them with air.
Boston shaker
Also known as a two-piece shaker. It is divided into a tin and a pint glass. The large size allows for a lot of air to be added to the cocktail during shaking, resulting in a mellow taste with an alcohol angle.Ideal for fruit cocktails. A strainer is required for pouring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.

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