Mistia Julep

Muscat liqueur60 ml
Apple juice15 ml
Mint leafto taste(15 leaves)
Cut lime(* 1/8 piece)1 cut
Tonic waterFull up (60 ml)
Mint leaf1 stem
GlassCollins glass
IceCrushed ice
AlcoholWeak(Less than 8%)
TypeLong drink,Julep
Photo: Mistia Julep ©okyawa
Step 1Put the apple juice and mint leaves in a glass. Mash the mint leaves gently with a pestle until fragrant. Be careful not to mash the mint too much, as they will become too bitter and difficult to drink. Since mint stems tend to be edgy, remove the stems and add only the leaves for a more elegant flavor.
Step 2Fill a glass with crushed ice, pour muscat liqueur into a glass and stir.
Step 3Insert two straws and garnish with mint. Garnish the mint leaves on top by tapping them once lightly with the palm of your hand to make the aroma rise.
Fruity and refreshing taste.
Mar 31, 2024

About Mistia Julep Ingredients

Muscat liqueur
This liqueur is made from muscat grapes, also known as the queen of fruits. With its gorgeous aroma and refreshing grape flavor, it is delicious both as is and in cocktails.
Apple juice
Sweet, fruity juice of apples. When apple juice is combined with bitter alcohol, it softens the bitterness and makes it easier to drink.
Mint leaf
Peppermint has a strong, cool, refreshing aroma. Spearmint has a mildly cool and sweet aroma. Besides garnishing as a garnish, it is used in mojito and mint julep cocktails.
A citrus fruit with a crisp, fresh aroma and a refreshing acidity as well as a distinctive bitterness. It has less acidity and more bitterness than lemon, and is rich in citric acid.
Tonic water
It is made by adding extracts from citrus peels and sugar content to carbonated water or soda pop, and has both a refreshing and bittersweet taste.

About the supplies for making Mistia Julep

Collins glass
This glass is characterized by its cylindrical shape, long and narrow, and the small diameter of the mouthpiece, which retains carbonation.
Bar spoon
A spoon used to stir ingredients in a glass. It has a long handle and a spiral shape in the center of the handle to facilitate stirring.
Major cup
Measuring cups for measuring cocktail ingredients. Cups are paired at the top and bottom, and 30 ml and 45 ml are common.
Ice crusher
Tools for breaking ice into smaller pieces.

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